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About Dru

Having grown up in Papua New Guinea, I moved to New Zealand to study Information Technology, sponsored by a fully-funded New Zealand Government scholarship.


After completing my Bachelor's Degree and working in the I.T. industry for seven years, I decided to pursue my life-long interest in fashion. During the Fashion Design degree at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), I was given the opportunity to study abroad at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) for a semester in 2013. 


I completed my Fashion Design degree at the end of 2014 and currently work for a New Zealand software company and help manage and contribute to, the 8th most influential blog in New Zealand. During my final year at AUT, I interned for New Zealand womenswear designer Lucy McIntosh.

i currently run my label Lumai, a made-to-order womenswear brand based in New Zealand with a Papua New Guinean heritage. Lumai focuses on a modern aesthetic with a casual luxury.

My work with Lumai has been focused on implementing CLO3D to help reduce waste and push myself with design digitally.  Utilizing my IT background I was able to pick up CLO3D quite quickly and have explored this with Blender and various video editing software to explore digital visual storytelling.



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