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Above image: Copyright James Yang Photography

Module 1

In this module we were introduced to creating patterns by draping on the mannequin and through flat drafting, transforming paper & fabric into three-dimensional forms.

We were given two briefs which required the use of woven and knitted fabric.

For my first brief with the woven fabric I was inspired by Balenciaga’s cabbage dress from their Winter Collection in 1968. Using a gold synthetic fabric with a black base I draped it on mannequin as shown and later constructed the piece.


Module 2

The second brief was with a stretch fabric where I used a geometric print. Because of the graphic print I thought this would work best in a simple silhouette so designed a maxi dress. Utilising the stretch property of the fabric I decided to gather at the front and back of the garment to create a loop that used a strap (made from the fabric) to hold both ends and fastened.


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