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This brief required us to design a co-ordinated Autumn/Winter 2014 capsule collection for our allocated label which was Moochi. The collection had to be appropriate for an Australasian ‘upper-end’ streetwear market.


We were required to work in a design team consisting of ten people to conduct our research, develop our concept & choose a color way and fabrics. Design process was undertaken autonomously along with the construction of a selected look for the capsule collection. I blogged about the experience here.

The idea behind my capsule collection for this brief was informal balance. The reason I chose the concept was because it was challenging and new to me. I wanted to explore the asymmetrical balance through draping and pleating. Pleating because of how ordered and fluid it looked which complimented the draping.


My selected look from my capsule collection was an asymmetrical pleated top and floor sweepers with inverted pleats. I blogged about the fashion show which featured the pieces here.

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